About the Practitioners

Lauren Crawford, Licensed Massage Therapist
Kauai Community College--Kauai Academy of Healing Arts.
Graduated May 2007

To treat the entire body.  Once the body is relaxed, it can do what it does best: heal.

I was in a very bad car accident in 2004.  I had troubles walking, hiking, even bending over my own knees to tie my shoes.  I began receiving a massage every two weeks and was able to enjoy my life again.  I went to massage school to help other people experience what I did.  To this day I still receive massage every two weeks and can now run, ski, bike, swim and most importantly: tie my own shoes!

I moved to Pagosa with my family when I was 9 years old.  My 3 younger brothers and myself grew up in beautiful Pagosa Springs!  After high school graduation, I moved to Bozeman, Montana for 2 years where I attended some schooling at MSU.  I had had enough of the cold weather (and without being able to ski anymore due to my accident), I moved to the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai.  I was an eco tour guide for 5 years.  I put myself through massage school and found I wanted more!  I met my, now, wife in massage school and we decided to move back to Pagosa.  We worked at various spas in town before deciding to branch out on our own.  I am currently working towards attaining my medical massage certification.  This level of certification is exponentially the most in depth course in the US.  Only a few massage therapists have this level of training.
My wife and I currently live on 3 acres that we are slowly turning into a self sustainable farm.  Our dogs, cats and chickens are our current kids but are looking forward to starting a family soon! We have also started a second business called Pagosa Camper where we rent out camping gear!

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