Welcome and Aloha!

We, at PMAB, specialize in couples massage!  The two of us met in massage school in 2006 on the island of Kauai, and have been together ever since, married in 2013!  We bring the couples energy into the room not only because we are a couple but because we also have the same training background so the massages are almost identical!!

We work from Tuesday thru Friday doing couples massages and rent camping gear, Pagosa Camper, from Friday thru Monday!

PMAB is creating an awareness for the possibilities of massage therapy by addressing the area of the clients chief complaint using corrective restorative treatments; including massage techniques and protocols to facilitate therapeutic responses in all of the body's connective tissues, joints and body systems!


The therapists that work at this office have lived in Pagosa for a number of years.  Throughout this time, they have grown as therapists and have realized the potential for what massage can do for you!  In working with the clients, we develop a plan with a goal!  That goal is to get you, the client, feeling whole again.  Having pain leaves us feeling incomplete; lets get to the root of the problem and move forward!!


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